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?Why isn't Google approving my website for AdSense

?Why isn't Google approving my website for AdSense

Such huge numbers of individuals are applying for Adsense on such a significant number of completely pointless sites that they are stopping up the audit procedure thus it is taking any longer than typical to process surveys. 

It can take 4-5 weeks. 

Numerous/most destinations don't peruse the Adsense expressions before applying. 

They don't verify whether their site is even qualified. then Here you can learn everything related to admission to Adsense - click here -

They don't peruse the help pages, for example,

They don't' peruse or see how Adsense works 

Everything they do is apply and obstruct the framework. 

So if your website is enormous, and has been online quite a while and gets heaps of day by day natural traffic from search, and has all unique substance that you made yourself, on subjects that are extremely famous then simply permit time for the survey procedure.. 

For more explicit answers, you can enter in this  url and you can investigate the site and get all the information that you will can domiate the ADSENSE tools


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